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What are the benefits of golden raisins?buy golden raisins at wholesale price

Raisins seedless such as golden raisins, Sultana and seeded raisins such as black raisins and green raisins. Of course, the black raisins in Afghanistan is type of seedless raisin and has less sweetness. Iran’s black raisin is very sweet and nuclear. Black raisins golden raisins wholesale price are very tasty and are very useful and inexpensive for athletes who burn high calories.

best golden raisins wholesale price

What are the benefits of golden raisins?

What are the benefits of golden raisins? From the childhood classic of “ants on a log” to granola to carrot cake, the raisin has been in most of our lives since our earliest years. So, are raisins good for you? Well, not only are they popular with all age groups and extremely versatile in the kitchen, but raisins nutrition includes being concentrated sources of energy, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

What are raisins good for? Benefits of raisins nutrition include lowered blood pressure and improved heart health. Studies have shown that daily consumption may significantly lower blood pressure, especially when compared to eating other common snacks, making them one of the better natural remedies for high blood pressure.

A raisin also has a considerable concentration of phenolic compounds, which play a role in cancer prevention and treatment.

The small but mighty raisin is so quick and easy to consume, it’s really hard to find an excuse not to include them in your diet on a regular basis! What else can raisins nutrition offer in way of benefits? Read on.
What Are Raisins?

Today, most raisins are produced from Thompson seedless grapes. How are raisins made? Grapes are laid on brown craft paper trays between the vineyard rows and allowed to dry in the sun when harvested. This is the natural sun-drying process that turns a grape into a raisin.

The oxidation and caramelization of the sugars during this process result in a raisin’s natural dark brown to black exterior. Raisins are traditionally sun-dried, but they may also be water-dipped and artificially dehydrated. In general, the drying process preserves and concentrates the antioxidants of a raisin.

In addition to the darkly colored dried fruit you’re likely familiar with, there’s also the golden raisin and sultanas. Golden raisins have been shown to have the highest antioxidant capacity and phenolic content.

Sultanas are another type of raisin, more popular in Europe, that come from small, pale golden-green grapes originating in Turkey. If you’re comparing raisins vs sultanas, sultanas are smaller and sweeter.

There’s also the muscat raisin, which is larger compared to other varieties. They’re also sweeter. What about currants? Currants are dried, black seedless grapes. They’re smaller, darker and tangier than your typical raisin.

Raisins are dried grapes, which are the fruits of the Vitis vinifera plant. The three raisins for salemain varieties commercially sold are: sun-dried (natural), artificially dried (water-dipped) and sulfur dioxide-treated raisins.

Unlike other dried fruits that commonly have sweeteners added in the drying process, raisins are packaged without any added sugar. A raisin naturally provides a perfect amount of sweetness for the tastebuds.

Are raisins healthy? The one-word answer is definitely: yes! Natural energy isn’t the only plus when it comes to consuming raisins. They’re also loaded with fiber, potassium, iron and other essential nutrients, but free of saturated fat and cholesterol. They’re also gluten-free, just in case you were wondering.

One small box (1.5 ounces) of seedless raisins nutrition contains:

    129 calories
    34 grams carbohydrates
    1.3 grams protein
    0.2 gram fat
    1.6 grams fiber
    25.4 grams sugar
    322 milligrams potassium (9.2 percent DV)
    0.8 milligrams of iron (4.4 percent DV)
    0.08 vitamin B6 (4 percent DV)
    14 milligrams magnesium (3.5 percent DV)
    22 milligrams of calcium (2.2 percent DV)
    1.5 micrograms vitamin K (2 percent DV)

buy golden raisins at wholesale price

buy golden raisins at wholesale price Golden raisins (Sultanas) are preferred by many for their juicy texture and fruity sweet-tart flavor  Non-GMO, certified kosher and gluten-free; an easy energy boosting snack you can take anywhere Raisins are a great snack choice, packed with raisin price energy and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals Fantastic as a salad topping, mixed in oatmeal or cereal and as a snack all by themselves  Golden raisins are dried in dehydrators at controlled humidity and temperature levels and treated with sulfur dioxide as a preservative. The result is a much fruitier, lighter flavor than the black raisin.

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